What is Team Training?

In general, people stop going to the gym for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. They aren’t getting results.
  2. A lonely environment

Team Training eliminates these obstacles with a community of friends.

It helps you discover that working out within-a-community makes the fitness journey fun and easy.

You can be advanced, intermediate,or a beginner and our coaches will enhance the exercises to fit your fitness level.

Once you sign up for Team Training just strap on a MyZone heart monitor for extra motivation. You can even start competing with your friends and neighbors on the leaderboards displayed on our large flat panel TVs.

Team Training Online Scheduling for Current Members

Benefits of Team Training

Cost Effective

Cost Less than 1 On 1 Training

Increased Frequency

You Will Increase Your Workout Sessions


You Will Build Friendships

Variety in Exercises

Learn New Routines


Strong Support to Reach your Goals

Free Training Session Available for All New Members