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How A Dysfunctional Family Led Her to Fitness

Why Kelly started going to the gym

Kelly, a passionate and professional body builder, found a way to break free from her dysfunctional family, and it all started with fitness. It started after losing her father to suicide and almost losing her mother to attempted suicide during her high school years. Kelly knew her life needed a change; she craved some sort of stability. Kelly started researching the benefits of fitness and decided to start going to the gym. She said, “Whether you come from a dysfunctional or personal struggle, it's hard to ignore the impact dysfunctional families can have on the psyche of their members. And while some people turn to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, etc., like I did for a short while, choosing a healthier lifestyle like exercise and better nutrition is most definitely the way to go. Working out, whether you're lifting heavy weights or just running off bad memories, not only lifts your spirits, but improves your physical and mental health”. If Kelly’s day starts going bad, she remembers where she came from and how far she has come and tries to keep it in perspective. She finds even walking it out is way better than ever throwing in the towel!

How fitness changed Kelly's life

During college due to class study and work, Kelly stopped working out. Kelly became an unhealthy size 13/14 and realized she needed to make the time for herself again. Soon after, Kelly joined a gym and fell back in love with fitness. She also soon after fell in love with a man she would end up being married to for life. They have raised 3 sons and have continued to keep fitness going strong together. She broke the unhealthy pattern and by

doing so, she leads a happy, healthy life.

Kelly's Message to Others

Since 2009, Kelly has been a fitness professional for individuals, small groups, classes, and now offers online training. She is a certified NASM PT along with AFAA Group Fitness Certified instructor. Kelly’s story is a prime example that it’s never too late to change. You're never too broken to be fixed. The key is not to give up. If you're already in that prison of a life that isn't allowing you to be happy, don't let your past control you. Do

what's best for you, break free. Kelly explained how she got a second chance at life and started exercising and eating healthy. That led her to meeting her very stable husband, her soul mate, who helped her along the way. “Surround yourself by positive people, and more positive things come your way”.

Today, Kelly still trains and works out regularly with her husband. Kelly said their greatest accomplishments together in the fitness industry is how she won GBO Pro Figure, and her husband qualified to go pro GBO and placed 2nd in the NPC Nationals body building. Kelly and her husband have trained and competed together. Kelly says her personal greatest reward is the satisfaction she gets from helping others reach their personal

goals. She realizes we all have different goals, strengths, and weakness. Kelly’s goal is to get her clients to overcome many weaknesses, become stronger, and strive for their personal best.

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